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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Medication Management Based on the Cutting-Edge Precision of Genetic Testing

Unfortunately, for both providers and patients, the procedure for prescribing medication often results in a time-consuming and fatiguing process of trial and error before the optimal medication can finally be pinpointed. Precision-based genetic testing provides an personalized, patient-centered solution to this problem. The effects of Inherited Cardiac Conditions (ICC) on patients and their families can be enormous. Living with an inherited cardiac condition is distressing, but there are options for support available through genetic testing and counseling.

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Tailor-Made Prescription Drug Strategies

From helping to prevent adverse reactions to certain medications, to maximizing the effectiveness of prescription medications, genetic testing empowers providers to prescribe with confidence.

Pharmacogenetics Testing Might Be Right for:

  • Individuals taking pain, cardiovascular, or psychotropic medication.
  • Individuals who are scheduled for surgery in the next 12 months, and will be put under general anesthesia.

Knowing how a patient is likely to processes specific medications can allow providers to develop prescription strategies to address the unique circumstances of every individual patient. From drug-selection to dosage, pharmacology doesn’t have to be a process of trial and error. You can know—with an incredible degree of precision—how a patient’s body is likely to respond to certain medications, based on their DNA.