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Hematology Testing

Comprehensive Genetic Panels for Even the Most Complex Hematological Challenges

A precision-based genetic test may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis of certain hematological disorders, as well as to develop optimal treatment plans for affected individuals. What’s more: establishing the existence of an underlying genetic defect and inheritance pattern can be used to identify at-risk relatives.

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Finding out Early Whether a Patient Is Prone to a Hematologic Disorder Could Save a Life.

With many factors contributing to hematological disorders, differential diagnosis of the various conditions can be time-intensive, labor-intensive, and difficult to interpret, especially in patients with milder symptoms. GreyStone’s genetic testing provides a way to examine the genetic framework of multiple hematological disorders simultaneously, promoting the fast and accurate identification of potential causes to disease.

Through cutting-edge genetic testing, we can help you determine a patient’s risk factors based on their DNA, so you can mitigate or even eliminate future consequences by taking steps now.

Hematologic Testing Might Be Right for:

  • Individuals with a personal history of hematologic disorders.
  • Individuals who are concerned about whether their family history puts them at risk for a hematologic disorder.

The majority of hematologic disorders have a genetic background – highlighting the importance of comprehensive, precise-based genetic testing options. From saving a child from having undergo repeated blood work, to facilitating diagnosis, prognosis, and potential options for treatment, our genetic testing draws from extensive clinical expertise to provide wide-ranging assessment and expert interpretation of results.